On November 16, the Institute for Standardization of Moldova (ISM) participated in the event dedicated to students, entitled ”The role of standards in ensuring the quality of products and processes”.

The purpose of the event is to promote the use of standards in the educational process in higher and secondary specialized education institutions.

In this context, the following topics addressed during the event were:

  • The national standardization system and its role;
  • ISM attributions;
  • What are the standards? Categories of standards;
  • What are the technical committees?
  • The benefits of implementing standards;
  • How to identify a standard;
  • International standards for management systems;
  • Copyright on standards;

At the event 27 students of the Technical University of Moldova were present, from 3 study programs: Design and polygraphic technologies, Clothing design, Technology and design of textile garments. The students welcomed the organization of the event and showed increased interest in the topics covered.

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