The Institute for Standardization of Moldova (ISM) has successfully passed the simulation of the assessment exercise of the degree of fulfillment of the requirements of Guide 22 of CEN/CENELEC.

The external evaluation according to the CEN/CENELEC Guide 22 was carried out with the support of the project “Support for structured political dialogue, coordination of the implementation of the Association Agreement and improvement of the process of approximation of legislation in the Republic of Moldova”.

Based on the expert’s analysis, confirmed by carrying out the activity evaluation exercise according to Guideline 22 of CEN/CENELEC, the degree of fulfillment of the requirements by ISM was established, which is 95.66%. Thus, the evaluation results reconfirmed the fact that ISM is aligned with the European modernization processes of the Republic of Moldova, that its activities aim to achieve performance within the entity and are part of the joint effort to promote the national objective of European integration.

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