The Institute for Standardization of Moldova (ISM) is the only national standardization body recognized in the entire territory of the Republic of Moldova.

ISM is a public institution, in which the Ministry of Economy, the central specialized body of the public administration responsible for the quality infrastructure, exercises the quality of founder.

The Institute carries out its activity in accordance with the legislation in force, the international treaties to which the Republic of Moldova is a party, as well as those signed by ISM as a national standardization body and the Regulation for the organization and functioning of the Institute for Standardization of Moldova.

ISM aims to help increase the competitiveness of the national economy, the well-being of the population and increase the sustainable use of resources by adopting Moldovan standards and ensuring the public availability of European and international standards, as well as by promoting standards and standardization.

ISM has the following basic functions:

  1. ensuring the public availability of standardization documents;
  2. promoting standards and standardization;
  3. organizing training and continuous improvement in the field of standardization;
  4. continuous consolidation of the national standardization system.