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Representing an essential link in the citizen – business environment – state relationship, ISM has the mission to provide access to standards to support the continuous efforts of users in their implementation and thus contribute to the success and innovation of the national economy.


ISM’s vision is to present itself as an active and modern standardization body at national, regional and international level, as an example for other national standardization bodies.

Human values are the foundation of our institutional culture. Success meets a set of qualities such as professionalism, teamwork, the tendency towards development and innovation, transparency. These values define our communication with partners and customers, as well as communication within the ISM and help us to act as a team.


We assume our obligations and fulfill them with maximum responsibility. Our employees have extensive professional knowledge, show a responsible and conscientious attitude towards their duties. We tend towards development, we are looking for new opportunities and we pay more attention to the accomplished activity.


We are a team, we share the same vision and we set goals that lead ISM to success. Our actions are based on trust, responsibility, development and joint implementation of solutions, based on the use of potential and professionalism of all team members. Each result obtained by ISM is an achievement to which the entire team has contributed.

The trend towards development and innovation

We create conditions for the development of the capacities of our employees, we implement new solutions and working methods, we constantly improve the quality of the work and management processes. By carrying out the activity, we inspire partners and clients to trust ISM, we contribute to the successful development of national standardization.


We strive for each stakeholder to have the opportunity to contribute to the accomplishment of common tasks. To this end, we make public the information regarding the ISM activity, thus ensuring a cooperation based on trust. Stakeholder feedback is essential for the development in the necessary direction of ISM and generates changes that reflect the real needs of society and business.