ISM duties

According to Law no. 20 of 04.03.2016 on the national standardization, the Institute for Standardization of Moldova has, exclusively, the following main attributions:

a)establishing the rules of national standardization;
b) elaboration, approval and realization of the national standardization program;
c) elaboration and approval of Moldovan standards;
d) adoption of European, international, interstate and other countries’ standards, as well as the adoption of other standardization documents as Moldovan standards;
e) periodic examination, modification, revision, reconfirmation and cancellation of Moldovan standards;
f) evidence of Moldovan standards;
g) ensuring the public availability of information on Moldovan standards and other relevant publications on national standardization;
h) selling standards;
i) establishment, registration and coordination of the activity of the technical standardization committees;
j) elaboration and publication of the Buletinul de standardizare and other publications in the field of national standardization;
k) participation in the activity of European, international and interstate standardization;
l) the representation of the Republic of Moldova as a member in the European, international and interstate standardization organizations and the fulfillment of its obligations as a member of the corresponding organizations;
m) collaboration in the field of standardization with standardization bodies from other countries and other organizations;
n) participation in the exchange of information on standards and standardization activity within the European, international and interstate standardization systems;
o) development and management of the National Standards Fund;
p) ensuring the secretarial works of the Standardization Council;
q) provision of services in the field of standardization;
r) coordination, at the request of public authorities, draft legislative and normative acts related to standards and standardization, including draft lists of Moldovan standards adopting harmonized European standards or lists of other Moldovan standards referred to in legislative and normative acts;
s) participation in programs and projects in standardization with national, European, international or interstate financing;
t) promoting the application of standards and standardization;
u) the exercise, in connection with its main purpose, of any other attributions provided by the present law and by other normative acts.
(1) The national standardization body has the exclusive right regarding the exercise of the attributions provided at let. a)–l) and n)–p).
(2) For services rendered provided in letter h), j), q) and u), the national standardization body has the right to collect payments.
(3) The nomenclature and the tariffs of the services in the field of standardization provided against payment by the national standardization body, as well as the Methodology for determining the tariffs for the services provided by the national standardization body are approved by the Government.