What is a standard?

Standards are documents, established by consensus and approved by a standardization body, which provide, for common and repeated use, rules, guidelines or characteristics for their activities or results, in order to obtain the optimal degree of order in a certain context. On the territory of the Republic of Moldova are applied the original Moldovan standards, as well as the international, regional (European and interstate) and other states, adopted as Moldovan standards.

What are the benefits of standards?

Standards provide benefits to business, regulators and society as a whole. They help to harmonize the technical specifications of products and services, thus making the industry more efficient as well as helping to remove technical barriers to trade. Compliance with standards facilitates a coherent image in front of consumers, increases their confidence, satisfaction by improving the quality of products and services, and has a positive effect on the environment. Moldovan standards on air, water and soil testing methods, gas and radiation emissions, as well as those on environmental issues contribute to the protection of the environment and ensuring the health and safety of citizens.