The Standardization Board is composed of representatives of businesses, regulators, professional associations, consumers and other stakeholders.

The Council shall be constituted by the rule of broad stakeholder representation. At the same time, in order to ensure the efficiency of the meetings, but also to reach a consensus within them, the number of members is limited, 9 as a rule.

Composition of the Standardization Council

  1. The President of the Standardization Council, Ms. Irina Struțescu, Interim Director, Institute for Standardization of Moldova;
  2. Vice-President of the Standardization Council, Ms. Ecaterina Ghelas, Head of the Standardization Department, Institute for Standardization of Moldova;
  3. Secretary of the Standardization Council, Ms. Elena Ţîmbaliuc, standardization expert, Institute for Standardization of Moldova.

  4. Ministry of Economy, represented by Ms. Lidia Jitari, Principal Consultant, Quality Infrastructure and Market Surveillance Division;
  5. Agency for Consumer Protection and Market Surveillance, represented by Mr. Sergiu Zestrea, head of the Metrological Control Department;
  6. National Accreditation Center, represented by Mr. Iurie Friptuleac, interim director;
  7. The Organization for Small and Medium Enterprises Sector Development, represented by Mr. Constantin Țurcanu, head of Financing for Growth and Internationalization Department;
  8. Institute of Ecology and Geography, represented by Mr. Petru Cocîrță, PhD in biological Sciences, coordinating scientific researcher within the laboratory “Ecological impact and environmental regulations”, Excellent in the environmental protection of the Republic of Moldova;
  9. Moldova State University, represented by Ms. Liliana Dmitroglo, PhD in Physical Sciences, Associate Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Physics and Engineering;
  10. Professional Employers’ Association in the Field of Metrology and Product Quality, represented by Mr. Valeriu Savoi, President.