INTERSHIP is a way for the Institute for Standardization of Moldova (ISM) to support students in their practical training, representing a first step in career confidence.

The internship within ISM is intended for students (centers of excellence, colleges, vocational schools) and students of different levels of education (bachelor, master, etc.) specialized in areas such as: standardization, audit, economics, management, engineering specialties, communication, marketing and other relevant fields.



Consolidation of theoretical knowledge and training of practical skills in the required field.

The duration of the internship is predetermined by the university.



Application in practice of the theoretical knowledge studied in educational institutions and training of primary skills in the specialized field;

– Accumulation of new knowledge in the targeted field;

The opportunity to be hired in accordance with the provisions of the legislation in force within the ISM;

A team of professional, ambitious, progressive specialists focused on free communication.



Student in the reference fields of ISM;

Desire for learn;



Application conditions:

In order to apply for the internship, it is necessary to send the Application form for the internship to the e-mail address:, indicating the topic of the letter “Internship”, following the steps set out below.


Application steps:

Completing the Form and sending it by email/mail or presented directly to the institution;

Signing the contract with the educational institution regarding the internship.

Contact person: Tatiana Crotic, Head of Communication and External Relations Department

Contact telephone: 022 905 320


28 E.Coca Street, Chisinau