While the online education industry has been evolving for some time, it was in 2020 that it took on a whole new dimension. Webinars, seminars, courses and educational programmes of all kinds exploded onto the Internet, with new technologies, expectations and trends fuelling its growth. A new ISO standard aims to put some order into the virtual curriculum, to improve both the quality and the access to distance learning for all.

ISO 29994, Education and learning services – Requirements for distance learning, provides international guidance on distance learning to ensure agreed levels of quality and transparency. It is intended to be used alongside ISO 29993, Learning services outside formal education – Service requirements, with both covering educational services not offered by traditional universities and schools.

This new standard intends to facilitate the development of this industry towards better-quality programmes and improved access. It is also intended as a tool to facilitate continuous improvement in the industry, and we welcome feedback on user experiences so that we can make it is as effective as possible.

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